Frequently Asked Questions
~ Can my club post laptimes on this website?
Any organization using electronic timing and scoring, like the Lightning Event Management System, may post their laptimes to this site. A basic overview of Lightning is available on this site at Lightning. Check out the contacts page if you want to order Lightning or if you are using the program and you want your club to post your laptimes.
~Why are my results not the same as what is posted on my organization's page?
After your racing organization submits their results to us, they may issue penalties, handle protests, or make corrections that they publish to their site, but do not re-submit to us.
~Why did someone in my class finish ahead of me when it shows they completed fewer laps than I did?
That probably means that the organization issued a penalty that allowed them to move ahead of you.
~When will the results be posted for our race?
Once your racing organization provides us with the results and lap information, we will post it. You will have to check with them to find out when they will submit the information.
~My results are not right, can you change them for me?
No. We post the results and information that is provided to us by your racing organization, but they are the people that you need to contact if you have an issue with the results. You may ask them to re-submit the corrected results to us for posting.
~How do I change my password?
Log out of the system. When you return to the Login page, you will see an option to reset your password.
~Why won't the site accept my password or user name?
The system will reject your requested user name if it has already been reserved for someone else, if you are requesting an id with profanity, or if your userid is less than 4 letters long. The password must be at least 4 letters long.
~I can't log in. I have the password that was emailed, but nothing else.
Your user name is what you selected when you registered. Your password was emailed to you. If you don't remember one or both of those, please visit the login page and either click "forgot user name" or "Change/Reset password".
~The information on the pages is too small or too large. How can I change that?
If your mouse has a wheel between the buttons, you can control the size of everything on your page by holding down the Ctrl key on the keyboard and scrolling that wheel at the same time. Set the page to the size you like.